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Dig up a beautiful lawn and you will find more than seeds, fertilizers and roots. You will find years of experience, lots of knowledge and very hard work. At BH Landscaping we give it all we’ve got to plant and maintain the perfect lawn of your dream.



Landscaping and nature is what we are all about, we work hard to get your lawn healthier, greener and nicer, with one phone call you can have the BH Landscaping experience.

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Snow Removal

We provide year round full lawn care,leaf removal,before summer cleanup, fertilizer visits,and sprinkler tune ups.

Full construction to detail,we wont leave untill perfection from grading to planting and luxury waterfalls leave it to the professionals

With a full time in house landscape architect and visual designer we will make it much easier for you to make effichent decisions by seeing the difference before wasting money

Snow plowing is the toughest work, but..we are equipped for that to the last detail salters plow trucks and hand crews for the delicate work with 24 hour assistent for our loyal costumers

Our Team

BH LANDSCAPING is located in spring valley NY. opened up in 2003 and operated by family since then, we strive for healthier grounds, as Jim Hodges said, Landscape is a piece that is emotional and psychological. we want you to get a sunny, bright and uplifting spirit when exploring your grounds, get the stress out of your way, we gained experience through the years of treating and thriving for better ground solutions how to achive that for our customers and get on their faces huge smiles of pleasure, not to forget about the revolution we did in the past years of modernizing and reinventing the whole construction proccess, with our in house highend designers and architects to help our customers from start to end, to finish we just extended our maintenance fleet, to be able to retain the BH standard of care for nature, heard enough from us? let us hear from you!

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BH Landscaping inc.

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